It’s been a while, but the NFL is back. Well, at least the preseason games are upon us.Jordy Nelson Jersey With that comes the inundation of statistics — who ran for how many yards, in what round was player drafted, what were a player’s stats in college and so on.

Since you’ll be getting enough football stats about the Green Bay Packers to fill any void you might have,Randall Cobb Jersey we thought we’d take a look at the lighter side of things.

We scoured through the Vikings media guide and came up with some different and interesting facts about a number of players. While your friends are dishing out the number of sacks Clay Matthews has in his career, you can enlighten them on which player you know was born on Friday due to his name, who is a part-owner in an Arena Football League team, who earned four varsity letters in high school for powerlifting and much more.

(And if you’re saying, hey,Clay Matthews Jersey you did this last year. Well, yeah, we did.Bart Starr Jersey But not one fact from the 2016 edition appears in this year’s. So read on and get even more knowledge!)

Read on, enjoy and be prepared to dazzle your buddies with your inside knowledge of Packers players.

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